Sunday, September 6, 2020


"how was your day?"
the sun danced across the line that breaks the sky from land.
mockingly laughing at my shame.
the 'tick' bellowed in my ear drums followed immediately by a 'toc'.
the clock never slowed down, not for one second.
the moon was the last to arrive, making its
way through the dusk sky from the final beams of light shining indirectly from the absent rays of the sun.
good evening never spoke so loudly.
like the lingering moment after a hard slap to your face.
the moment right after the initial shock settles in and pain bursts through with a throbbing grip engulfing you in its entirety.
i slept all day again.
the entire day is over.
i bask in the last few seconds of september 4th, 2020 a day i missed and will never see.
like its coexisting september 3rd, 2020 a day also lost to wasteful sleep.
i felt robbed of two days of my life. 
two days i could never get back.
the last of the light lingered under a blanket of deep dark nothingness before it disappeared on that day forever.
what a waste.
september 5th, i will not refuse your presence in my eyes. 
i will bathe in your sunlight and lie on the clouds.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

tears from above and beyond.

im lost.
A lost soul wandering aimlessly.
Not knowing what to do or where to go.
Not knowing who to trust or confide in.
Lost in a billion stars that cover the night sky.
Lost in the big black deep outer space trying hard to get back.
Trying desperately to get back.
Trying to get back (to you)
"I WANT TO I WANT TO," she screams with all her breath.
No one hears her cries.
Her voice trailed off into the darkness never to be seen.

tag, you're it.

once upon the midnight sky,
a nightmare floated about,
dropping lower and lower,
right into her eyelids.

she tossed and turned and screamed and cried.
but she never opened her big beautiful brown eyes.
The nightmare grew and became her reality.
She lives it day to day, night to night, dusk to dusk.
Once upon the midnight hour, a spark in the sky makes a wish come true.
But only sometimes does the wish get lost and someone else's dreams become your reality. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

the battle of the stars.

it takes 30,000 years for the light of the stars to reach us.

30,000 years for the burning balls of gas to shine their light upon the earth.

in 30,000 years the wish you make on the shooting star to come true.

30,000 years the stars spend fighting to get to our presense.

one step in the right direction.
three steps to the right, one step to the left, four steps backwards. repeat.

and always remember... it's the second star to the left and straight on til morning...


the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.

depression is built up anger inside of us that we repress and push deep down so far inside of us, that we forget why we are angry and become sad, but we forget why.

we spend years fighting this sadness, but it is a battle of the unknown.

we breathe in the bad, and hold on so tight we forget that there is hope. hope underneath all the repressed anger that cannot get out. 

you cannot fight the unknown, but you need to simply let it go and let the hope fly free.

all you have to do is simply breathe in the good and release the bad.
there is hope, just breathe.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

it's all about you.

you wanted this, you asked for it.
this is all about you.
clingy, obsessive.
this describes you.
all you want is me, but i told you i don't want you.
i love you as a friend, but not as a lover.
vibe, vibe, there isn't one.
you're not my lover.
i enjoy your company, it's fun to hang out... but lately you've been choking me with i love you's and i cannot breathe.

i'm dying, i'm dying!
let me free, leave me be.
but you hold on tighter, squeezing your fingers around my throat.
i'm turning purple & blue.
trapped under your hands trying to get free.

i wish i did love you, i feel bad for you.
you're giving me your all, but i don't want to be yours.
i want to be mine. i want to find me.
who am i?
i don't know because you won't let me see.

butterflies & bees.

floating on air.
floating through life.
when will it end?
when will i be happy?

negative energy surrounds this place.
i feel it when i get near.
sharp pains enter my skin,
all over my body.
piercing my heart until i scream,
but there's no sound.
complete silence.
deafening silence.
consumed by all the energy.

floating through life, piercing pains of silence.

butterflies & bees.
it's all because of the butterflies & the bees.